Monday, January 30, 2012

Prophetic Authority

Authority is defined as the lawful right to enforce obedience, the legitimate power to influence or direct the behavior of others.

Exercising authority involves instruction, command, rebuke and discipline.  The Hebrew term for authority give reference to glory and honor and speaks to the position or office that the person occupies.  A Prophet's authority can be recognized by their mantle.

The office of the Prophet is one of Leadership and authority, it is a necessity that all Prophets take hold of their leadership responsibility.  Prophets must understand the office is more than prediction and revelation. Prophets have been given delegated authority from God to lead! Prophets have been commissioned to operate in this authority to lead believers to worship, to their destiny and to discipleship through a greater understanding of God and His righteousness.

Prophets, who are aware of their authority through proper apostolic covenant relationship have the ability to attract other emerging prophets to prepare them for the work of the ministry. A common problem that many ministries face is not trusting and investing authority to leaders, and to those that have been called to the Prophetic Office. With the release of delegated authority to Prophets it will establish an atmosphere of trust, safety, unity and integrity.

When the authority of leadership is absent and undefined, you can expect failure, lack of expectation, disappointment, frustration, defeat and setbacks.  Authority will be actively present, defined and released through Apostles and Apostolic Fathers.

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